While many beginners like the forgiving feel of medium action rods, intermediate and expert anglers will appreciate how accurate a GLX rod is. Durability is designed into every G. Loomis fishing rod. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Details G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Trout Spinning Rods great for lake or stream fishing and designed specifically for trout anglers. By utilizing stiffer, lighter and higher density carbon married with Nano Silica resin systems, the NRX rods can be lighter - yet more durable, extremely sensitive - and yet stiffer. © 2012-2015 RodsReview.com. G Loomis NRX Saltwater Spinning Rod Review It is time to step it up and to take a look at one of the nicest rods I have ever had the pleasure of putting my hands on – The G Loomis NRX Saltwater Inshore spinning rod. $364.50. Rod Review: Elevated sensitivity and the power to move bass, the new GLoomis GLX Jig & Worm BCR803 Rod . Given the rod's length and power, it better have good numbers here and it does. G. Loomis : #2 Well, while a little "dated" compared to the big guns you asked to be compared to, original GLX is THE rod that birthed the modern era of graphite rods. G Loomis E6X Inshore Rod Review In my quest to find the best value rod for us inshore saltwater anglers, I picked up a G Loomis E6X spinning rod so that I could give it a try. G. Loomis GLX 843S SJR Spin Jig Spinning Rod Visit the G. Loomis Store. It kind of reminds me of the cork grips with a power bulge in them only in this case, the entire grip is the bulge. Details G. Loomis GLX Trout Spinning Rods are a specialized series designed specifically for trout fishing. G. Loomis : A lot of people don’t like recoil guides and for that the glx is preferred. Tenryu : To review G. Loomis BASS GLX models, please click on the screen shot of interest. Reels | My very first fish turned out to be my biggest – a 9lb slob that was tailing on an Andros flat in the late-afternoon sun. Fishing developers and testers - Welcome! ergonomics leave me wanting. If you invest in only one expensive rod, ever, this should be the one. The 894 is one of my favourites! Choose Options. G.Loomis E6X Inshore … G.Loomis GLX BASS rods reviews and tests. Having said that, this "maglite" powered rod is far from being a noodle stick. G.Loomis's refreshed 820S DSR GLX represents exactly what I seek in terms of power, taper, and sensitivity in a finesse rod. User's G.Loomis GLX BASS Rods Rating. 6825 Tilton Rd Bldg C Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234-4426, USA 1-888-354-7335 Toll Free US/CAN 1-609-788-3819 DIRECT INT'L. Rod must be registered within 30 days of purchase on the G. Loomis website to activate warranty.G. google_ad_client = "pub-1345308664656696"; To help separate the new GLX Series from other G.Loomis lines the company created a new reel seat . Be the first to review this product! We think the issue is with the reel seat. ... CHRISTI: These are the best rods out there on the market. Here at RodsReview.com you'll find a user's TROUT & PANFISH reviews, fishing tests and experts tips. It does taper smaller towards the top. Ratings 1. google_color_text = "000000"; I think the root cause of this problem is the reel seat. The 820S DSR GLX's performance is perfect for me, but its Lamiglas : Recommended Posts. There's actually plenty of power in the 820S DSR GLX for light line applications. G-Loomis CrossCurrent Pro 1 Fly Rods . Freshwater Rods : Steez SVF-XBD Braided Line, 10. These rods are made with one objective in mind... to help serious trout anglers become more successful and enjoy their time on the water with the lightest, most sensitive rods available. Design & Ergonomics: G.Loomis's 820S DSR GLX comes in at only three point seven ounces (3.7oz) and with a balance point of six and a half inches (6.5") from the mid-point of the reel seat up towards the tip of the rod. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Shimano : Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2017. In the end, I guess my search for that perfect finesse rod continues. G-Loomis CrossCurrent GLX Fly Rods; G-Loomis CrossCurrent GLX Fly Rods Price: $380.70. The rods we've put into this series have moderate to fast tapers with ultra-light to medium power ratings. : 3/8 - 3/4Action: Fast, I have bought numerous G Loomis rods in th...Read more, I have a Diawa Sealine SLSA802MFS rod which r...Read more, I have a Lamiglas bait caster GW 68 ML series...Read more, The St. Croix Legend Elite fly rods are funct...Read more, I love the rods, but I have had a total of 5 ...Read more, Choosing Equipment. Joe: Best Jig rod made. I have a few glx’s and 2 nrx’s and love all of them. Under 6 Feet; 6 to 6.9 Feet; 7 to 7.9 Feet; 8 to 8.9 Feet; 9 to 9.9 Feet ; 10 to 11.9 Feet; 12 Feet & Above; Condition. It's actually at a point now where I'm weighing different strategies to either shave that cork down or cut the reel seat off all together and replace it. Freshwater Rods : Cumara Reaction, 7. You get the new G. Loomis GLX crankbait rods. After paying $500 for … Whether your pitching a spinner, a marabou jig or drifting single eggs on your favorite creek, … When I bought the rod there was a lifetime guarantee no matter what. When G.Loomis developed GLX, the graphite world shifted forever. The graphite-made rod throws line effortlessly for the best of all-day fishing days. Freshwater Rods : Legend Elite, 4. G.Loomis's refreshed 820S DSR GLX represents exactly what I seek in terms of power, taper, and sensitivity in a finesse rod. G-Loomis offers several different models and has perhaps the best warranty in the business, Xpeditor Service, which guarantees any broken rod will be replaced with no hassle wherever you are fishing. google_ad_height = 600; Design & Ergonomics: G.Loomis's 820S DSR GLX comes in at only three point seven ounces (3.7oz) and with a balance point of six and a half inches (6.5") from the mid-point of the reel seat up towards the tip of the rod. New; Used; Advertisement Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Loomis rods are strong, responsive and consistent. Search G. Loomis:: BASS GLX reviews (4 models) Benefits of BASS GLX models. Sure it's a split rear grip, so by definition, it should be less bulky, but the handle's diameter is just a bit large for my liking. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. All Rights Reserved. Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed. I’ve now been using it for about 6 months, so I’ve had a good amount of time to get a feeling of how it handles in a variety of environments and conditions. particular seat is too large in diameter to begin with, so when G.Loomis shapes the cork to match this seat, the result is a bulkier than normal grip. Overall Customer Rating: G. Loomis Trout Series Spinning Rods 5 out of 5 (4 Reviews) … The discipline of G.Loomis rewards the angler with a new series of fly rods that is superior to the original in every characteristic. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Loomis Conquest review.... By 18RangerZ520L, December 10, 2017 in Fishing Rods, Reels, Line, and Knots. All BASS GLX reviews and tips are copyrighted by fishing experts. Apparel | G. Loomis; Loomis; Fishing Type. You can feel grains of sand on the bottom. Look how wide the cork is compared to the blank. G LOOMIS SPINNING ROD SJ 782 GLX 6 FOOT 6 INCH ROD RECOMMENDED LINE WEIGHT: 6-12 LBS RECOMMENDED LURE WEIGHT: 1/8-3/8 OZ MADE IN THE U. S. A CUSTOM BUILT ROD FUGI GUIDES Silcone carbide 8 GUIDES GUIDES ARE WRAPPED WITH RED THREAD HAS BAIT KEEPER EXCELLENT CONDITION LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ROD THROUGH G LOOMIS WILL SHIP VIA FEDEX GROUND VIA … 18RangerZ520L 359 Posted December 10, 2017. I think a lot of people look at the price and go ... BassFan Editor Todd Ceisner: What do you get when you combine a pacesetter in the premium rod category with that company's desire to deliver a lighter, stronger and overall better product? The is new series of rods feature a number of firsts for G.Loomis including use of a brand new blank material, a split grip, skeltonized reel seat on the casting models, and a hybrid guide design. Daiwa : Date: 5/15/05: Tackle type: Rod: Manufacturer: GLoomis: Reviewer: Zander: Total Score: 9.08 + EDITORS CHOICE Introduction: The "GLoomis" brand name has become synonymous with "quality," and for many bass anglers the company's rods are just about as good as it gets. Rods | Lures | They are designed to protect light line, but don't let that fool you. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; G Loomis GLX 803S JWR Jig Worm Spinning Rod ... New product reviews and guides. They pay attention to detail to the point that even the line guides are carefully matched to each technique. google_color_link = "006699"; Price & Applications: The 820S DSR GLX is available for purchase at the non-value price of four hundred fifteen dollars ($415). G.Loomis is using a We professionally examine materials and quality of GLX BASS Rods. Tools | Storage | This grip does taper toward the top, but then it kind of flutes back out again like a topwater popper. Choose Options. They feel great in your hand. Test and reviews of G. Loomis Trout Series Spinning TROUT & PANFISH. I personally love this rod for many reasons. Wow what a fishing combo! Loomis Conquest review.... Instagram; Youtube; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Shimano/G. Watercraft | The butt end is minimalist, but still kind of wide like a marshmallow. G. Loomis GLX 842S SJR Spin Jig Spinning Rod in Spinning Rods. SALMON & STEELHEAD : Classic Hot Shot, 12. The GLX models feature Recoil guides, cork & foam grips with up-locking reel seat. Sales receipt or proof of purchase required. Shipped directly from Shimano in heavy duty cardboard tube. The threading is massive for a rod of this size. G-Loomis walleye fishing rods are individually designed for different walleye fishing techniques. By modern standards, the original GLX models seem a bit “tippy” for many anglers, but the spine and punch factors were (and still are) impossible to ignore. Here at RodsReview.com you'll find a user's BASS GLX reviews, fishing tests and experts … St. Croix : I paid $50.00 for the rod. What I found not so great about this stick ergonomically however, was the bulkiness of its grip. G. Loomis : Light and well Balanced. It's actually at a point now where I'm weighing different strategies to either shave that cork down or cut the reel seat off all together and replace it. G.Loomis Spinning (SR) Rod; G.Loomis Spinning (SR) Rod. BASS : Classic Spin Jig, 8. Bonus rod-tube! In the end, I guess my search for that perfect finesse rod continues. Conclusion: I have bought numerous G Loomis rods in the past 20 years and among them have been GLX. Very disappointed with g-loomis company after Shimano took over. Enthusiast | They are remarkably strong and can handle surprisingly … G-Loomis CrossCurrent Fly … On the flats, the GLX revealed itself to be a beast of a rod, marrying all those other attributes with awesome stopping power and great close control. This is the 2nd G Loomis rod I have purchased in the last 2 months, and even recommend it to a co worker who just bought one a couple of weeks ago. The NRX construction method is completely unique in rod manufacturing - allowing G.Loomis to make the NRX Casting Rods at least 15% lighter than similar GLX rods, and up to 20% stronger and more impact resistant as well. OFFSHORE CASTING Rods : Spike Yellow Tail/GT/TUNA, 11. Doesn't it seem a bit large? Contact Us. This rod was created as a high performance, lighter and more balanced rod for improved casting. If you are using G. Loomis BASS GLX please write your experience. Call or visit our retail store today! I recently broke a tip on my GLX spinning rod and sent it back to G Loomis. I purchased a G-Loomis Greenwater 10-20 7'6" fishing rod and teamed it up with a Daiwa Certate 3000. Price: $469.99 & FREE Shipping: This fits your . Retail Store Hours 9am-6pm ET Mon - Sat 10am-4pm ET Sun … In fact, with the introduction of Conquest, GLX is now number three in the rankings, but the rods in this lineup are still a pricey proposition. What keeps it from being perfect for me is that clicking sound when making a cast and the unbranded reel seat that results in a bulky handle design. Far and away the best rod of its day, nothing came close until Sage introduced XP and Scott STS, both of which I consider highly influence in material and design by seminal GLX. Demo rods are not covered under warranty. ... Top reviews from other countries Douglas T. 5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously the best looking/fishing rod I've purchased for freshwater. G-Loomis Max GLX Fly Rods. In this article, we introduce G.Loomis NRX+ fly rods with a detailed overview and model-by-model reviews. This rod is the most sensitive rod I have ever owned. Their proprietary resins and composites insure that each rod can handle the stress of a big fish. Trouble is the best way to replace a reel seat is to load it from the tip and I'm not sure I'm up for re-wrapping the entire rod. google_ad_channel =""; google_color_url = "FF9900"; Our first review of an NRX rod... the finesse drop shot rod in the series . I send my 3 pieces glx travel rod in to get it fix because It broke the tip. G.Loomis 820S DSR GLX 4 Stars & Up & Up; 3 Stars & Up & Up; 2 Stars & Up & Up; 1 Star & Up & Up; Brand. GLX is no longer G.Loomis's flagship rod series. There’s benefits to both the glx and the nrx just depends on what you want. G. Loomis : Bass Rods : Competitor Series Spin & Cast, 9. Read and compare experiences fishermans have had with Trout Series Spinning rod . (?/10). Autopsy,