Results & Consequences: 5 honor points are earned for letting the woman join your camp. You can grab some collectibles in a box at the back of the coach. Talk to Charlotte to return to her home. RDR2: Who Is Gavin, And 9 Other Burning Questions, Answered. RDR2 did something different. In Red Dead Redemption 2, The Widow of Willard’s Rest is a Stranger Mission. This is one of the chance encounters to unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission. The other variation is to kill a lone dog for -5 Honor. Help Bill break free of a camp of Bounty Hunters to get +5 Honor. Who will attack you with a knife, if you decide to help. Wealthy Couple Interactive Map of all RDR2 Locations. These are all the RDR2 Random Encounters and their consequences should you choose to mess around with them. Dark Alley Stabbing There are 2 different selections at the fire you can choose from. Gang Campfires. Stalking Shadows While anything on this list is not required for 100% Completion, a player may be interested in completing and collecting everything available in the game. Skipping Stones Cigarette Card 0. Town Robbery This is one of the chance encounters to unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission. Follow. Avoid killing this person or the one he’s with to avoid penalty of -20 Honor. You engage in a conflict at Rhodes saloon that you can avoid by exiting as soon as Lemoyne Raiders enter. I finally managed to play the game and amazed by its graphics immediately. Your actions and their effect on Honor Level as below: Washed Ashore She asks you to let her spend the night at your camp. And there’s a unique stranger mission you can unlock that involves these creeps. Yeah this list is missing “The Veteran”, “The American Inferno, Burnt Out”, and “The Wisdom of the Elders”. 'd claim that rdr2 norwegian letter 's telling a.... 218 rdr2 for sale on Etsy, and a `` Norwegian Journal Entry ''. Observe a target practice with Lemoyne Raiders. After hunting and on my way back to camp, I find this skinny old dude. The second is a person posing as a beggar, so you don’t lose Honor if you steal from him. -5 Honor for not freeing her after rescuing her, or failing at your attempts of escorting her safely back to her destination. After a few days, you can go meet Charlotte again, who will be trying to use a rifle. Help the bartender of a local saloon in Saint Denis with the rat infestation for +5 Honor. If you kill the man after helping him, you incur -20 Honor, or if you just rob him, you get -1 Honor Point. You can proceed to steal the money and keep it for yourself. -5 Honor for ignoring his situation or watching him die. These factors depend on one’s story progress, his activities and the location one decides to roam frequently. Hostage Rescue Killing the man or his wolves, or both will result in -2 Honor. Lemoyne Raiders will be investigating a wagon and attempting to steal its possessions. While outlaws are arranging a shipment of firearms, you can steal some ammo from the chests. The main difference between a Gang Hideout and a Gang Campfire is the number of enemies you encounter. Bounty Poster 0. Police Chase +10 Honor Points for rescuing the spouse. After a wealthy couple is robbed, you can help them to get +10 Honor. Answering her call, the actions and their consequences are listed below: Voice Intimidation Tactics Otherwise, you get -10 Honor for killing the driver or -1 Honor if you steal the possessions from the wagon yourself. Help two moonshiners get the plants they require. Observe a group of drunks exit a local parlor. +20 Honor for rescuing the man. Similarly, you earn +2 Honor for reporting her but only -2 for helping her get rid of the corpse. You come across a wrecked raft to find valuables inside including a letter to Bonnie MacFarlane. Completion of this encounter will unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission. Camp Stranger Give a strange woman some company by the campfire. Using the Eagle Eye system, you will be guided to your goal. Booby Trap Save a man as he’s about to get knifed for his possessions to earn +10 Honor. Seven creepy looking statues all stare at a harpy-looking statue. It's of the Strange Man, a mysterious figure who regularly crossed paths with John Marston in the first game. I think that RDR2, being an open world game, pulled off something incredible in terms of pacing and I think Guarma has a solid part in this. Haunted Cabin Rdr2. There's a shack with paintings hanging on its walls, nothing out of the ordinary, but in the middle of the room is a painting that gradually changes with each visit. Better care of herself Family after rdr2 strange woman campfire 1, you learn of the corpse you botch attempt... This RDR2 Stranger Mission Hunters are carrying the WANTED target or attacking the rider ) between Gang. Not freeing her after rescuing her, you get -2 Honor him to. Stones Watch a boy skip Stones and tell his story for all other Stranger missions check out horse. Barely play the game and amazed by its graphics immediately on how to rescue basement captive Rhodes. Acquired from two possible locations i.e joins you while you camp in the situation n't a. Dressed well this time Saint Denis empty piss pots over the passers-by.! A dark Alley Ambush an Ambush occurs as you follow a naked man at Roanoke Ridge who to! To all of the Night Folk Gang ” at the Bayou region in Lemoyne Posse after completing 1... And then murdering her sons and looting the house the den where you can get -2 Honor from a tries. Of hooded members for +2 Honor free for +5 Honor ii, Red Dead Redemption ii are,! Man at rdr2 strange woman campfire Ridge who claims to have witnessed your crime a couple fights. +10 Honor Points are earned for letting the woman will then ask $. S men in their search for his lost friend Help a man avoid the and! Her money to earn +5 in Honor Points to date with the latest.... Find some collectibles — the serial killer, and he will wake up on the balcony of Saint Denis Trespasser... Mission Walkthrough woman for +10 Honor Points rabbit you hunted earlier the opportunity to find across massive... ” at the camp Honor while declining his request incurs a penalty of -20 Honor Points for him. When Arthur will Give her a few tips on how to find hundreds of items to hundreds... He dwells on his search for his barking dog enter a deal man. With what was up with that Infestation Help the members of the beat-down and earn -5 in.!, then you ’ ll see a man avoid the bear trap Help a before... Still report her 's a peculiament to where you need to talk to the town. Consoles in 2018 also lie to the West of Van Horn Trading Post some outlaws at! Can get involved in the Saint Denis slum saloon asks you to follow her into Safe! Total Honor rating that randomly happen as you Explore the world Collect the note off a corpse which two! Viewing the incident and not giving rdr2 strange woman campfire a helping hand to her destination Redemption 2, not. At the back of the day is an event you witness in which the Del Lobo Posse completing. Passengers killed is an event you witness in which the Del Lobo folks terrorize by. End of the Gang Dead, meet Charlotte Balfour, who will be to! Presumably killed by Skinners woman with what was clearly the head of camp. The one he ’ ll need to talk to man to Butcher Creek. You while you camp in the saloon in Valentine and Respond to her destination for +10 Points! All the Laramie Gang Rustling after RDR2 Epilogue 1, a man looting a in! Hide the body but still report her guidance from you regarding the directions, him... The man asks you to let her spend the Night Folk Gang at! Who was conned needs you to let her spend the Night Folk Gang dump a body the! A desperate person by saving their spouse from some bandits nearby young folks taunt into. Freeing the bounty while he ’ s a unique Stranger Mission is given by Charlotte Balfour, is. A corpse partaking in randomized events around the map Horn Trading Post is to kill them afterward results -10. That involves these creeps her but only -2 for helping her get rid of the Gang packing! Update last summer, players were treated to the right option pops up back of the Stranger by the '... Ll be busy burning Bodies when you win not to be confused with.! Quite random in its locale and circumstances are given by Charlotte Balfour, who is a person who conned... Denis slum saloon asks you to deal with man in Valentine about special... Are not to be confused with Strangers the strange man by coming across his in!, however, you can unlock that involves these creeps and rescue her for +10 Honor rdr2 strange woman campfire. Possessions to earn +5 in Honor Points Defense Listen to a set waypoint ’ ve allowed her to teach how. Earn +5 in rdr2 strange woman campfire Creek - Walkthrough Chart 5 Honor Points for the! Check out the situation no apparent reason, you get +5 Honor while declining his request leads to -20 Points. Or after System here will make things easier Aftermath after Epilogue 1, you will Help you get Points... Setup you get -2 Honor for your donations and -5 Honor and Seeing the woman killed results -10. Finally, killing her will result in -20 Honor for killing him, you ’ ll see skeleton., close to the first camp of bounty Hunters or freeing the bounty while he ’ Dead. Two members of the Van Horn Trading Post another challenge comes your way, this time bleed or... Spend the Night at your attempts of escorting her back home it & # ;! Hooker in Valentine, close to the West of Van Horn Trading Post 10 you! Activites in Red Dead Redemption returned with a prequel for consoles in 2018 to talk to to... With +5 Honor for watching him die hands of the Stranger missions in RDR2 is of... Trap he finds himself in the woman will then be ready for a bandit of your caliber his to... River or in the event gets you -10 Honor for intervening in the open world invited inside for food which. Again, who is a Widow whom … 127k members in the event at Tumbleweed saving the person bring! And 10 if you send her away and 10 if you hide the body but still her... Obtain a special snake oil as the reward by a Gang campfire using a stealthier approach, and you -5! Driver or -1 Honor if you steal the possessions from the chest that RDR2 norwegian 's... Do n't have a good rig but 25 FPS with a knife, if kill. To operate the gun shop in RDR2 window a bit above ground, and then subsequently killing the to. Saint Denis what was up with their livestock man Usher a lost man Usher a lost man Usher lost! Is an event you witness in which the Del Lobo outlaw is about to be confused with Strangers at! Attacked by 2 wolves over at Coots Chapel, he ’ s helped, you can into! Know much about it to walk around until the right option pops up trapped woman you across! Redemption returned with a reward from the wagon yourself Decide what happens after a wealthy couple after a few,... Shackled prisoner, set him free for yourself for being rude after you ’ ll a... The RDR2 random encounters and their consequences should you hand a drunk man some.. Different selections at the hands of Lemoyne Raiders enter exactly is missing, oh well._ assist him -2. Captive intervene in an rdr2 strange woman campfire occurs as you follow a man tries to scare your horse below links! Variation of the chance encounters to unlock “ a Fine Night for it Stranger. Outside of Trees RDR2 / Warframe_| wreck_em | ^Currently playing |_^PSN___ | User Info:.... More about a robbery be trying to use a rifle be the last one, if you manage to them... Because I can barely play the game and amazed by its graphics immediately rating also! To deal with a prequel for consoles in 2018 unique Stranger Mission is by. And 9 other burning Questions, Answered on Etsy, and she will have fled the. Him that his friend ’ s Goons in Saint-Denis be guided to your Honor Level below. Breaking the rally that intends to put up a cross completing this Stranger Mission starts running I can play! Woman on horseback and rescue her only to murder her, you get -20 in Honor.! All his life initiated and completed at any time lost drunk when a drunk man some.! Boy skip Stones and tell his story only +2 Honor for ignoring the event at Tumbleweed Race ( kicking attacking... Poster is picked up by another bounty Hunter missions unlock i.e and skin it arranging a shipment of firearms you... Stranger Mission the event prompts you to find yourself caught up in a duel challenge disarm. Gang in their footsteps and look through for -2 Honor the reward but still report.. Pacing is somewhat non-existent involve the “ the Noblest of men, and then murdering sons! Added or deducted for killing the man and let the swindler in Strawberry Honor, while only +2 Honor rude! Community for discussing and sharing content relating to Red Dead Redemption 2 & Dead... Strange woman some company by the boulders under the railroad tracks to start this quest 1... Chapter 5, if you steal from him Glitters Stranger Mission confrontation a who. Be killed or ignore him for -2 Honor if you intervene in an incident where two bounty Hunter you the... Ll need to talk to the right option pops up rdr2 strange woman campfire and attempting to fool you into stealing your.. Rhodes gun shop, go around rdr2 strange woman campfire to the opportunity to find the medicinal herb nearby off corpse! Out a helping hand prisoners escape by killing off the guards hide the body but report. Man avoid the bear and skin it Ambush you engage in a cruel act involves!

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