", Note: Earlier in the episode, Cartman chases Kyle down a hill and into a pit where the prehistoric ice man is. Dies of blood loss after getting all of his limbs hacked off with a meat cleaver. and Kyle says "You bastard! I'm going home! Destroyed by a snow speeder while wearing an ED-209 costume. After he is turned into a duck-billed platypus by Damien, he gets shot by Jimbo after Jesus and Satan's match near the end of the episode. Stan's and Kyle's Afghan counterparts say “Ya Allah! Kyle replies twice. Koshtaen Kayvano! Prior to these episodes, three explanations had been provided for Kenny's deaths - in an interview with Trey Parker he was asked why Kenny died and responded "he's poor". The episode in which Kenny (incorrectly) recalls killing Death is called City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks). His spirit is then seen coming out of his body, still laughing (similar to. You bastards!” in Dari Persian. After Stan cries some more and talks about how Kyle is going to die, Kenny says, "Now that does it! Kyle says the usual line when Kenny dies. He then becomes a ghost and can only be revived with "Mysterion Re-rising". Menu. Stan says his catchphrase 3 times, using it to try and find Kyle in a massive crowd a la the game Marco Polo. This is a List of Kenny's Deaths in South Park episodes and other show-related media. Because of the shocking and suddenness of the death, there is a long pause before the usual lines are said. Is Kenny okay?" His body is then eaten away at by rats. Hey South Park fans! Later, Kenny told to climb up a breaking ladder and take a star prop down, which happens to be right next to a shark tank. The running gag of Kenny's deaths in earlier seasons was incorporated into the season 9 (2005) episode "Best Friends Forever" when Kenny… Linda: "What is it?" Here, Kenny simply just gets sick and only wants his friends at his side. 2 Russian Astronauts - Killed when their space station crashed into Earth. Drowns himself in the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial as part of a cult's mass suicide. A story arc that occurs during the second half of the season (starting with "A Ladder to Heaven") involves Cartman being possessed by Kenny after accidentally drinking his ashes (which Cartman thought was chocolate milk mix). Gets run over by a motorcycle. Prior to Kenny's actual death, three near-death experiences occur that fool Stan and Kyle into thinking Kenny was killed. I have had enough of this bullshit! As Stan and Kyle continue, the Underpants Gnomes look in awe at what just happened and interrupt the boys' speech with "Holy shit, we killed your friend!". from his friends Stan and Kyle, respectively. In "Best Friends Forever", Kenny is the first in South Park to get a Sony PSP and the first in the world to reach level sixty in the game Heaven versus Hell; he dies early in the episode to command Heaven's armies in the final battle against Satan (in the episode he is frequently likened or referred to as Keanu Reeves). quickly became a popular catchphrase, while both Kenny and the phrase have appeared on some of the more popular pieces of South Park merchandise, including shirts, bumper stickers, calendars and baseball caps, and inspired the rap song "Kenny's Dead" by Master P, which was featured on Chef Aid: The South Park Album. While at the cult meeting, he hears the phrase "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die" and becomes very upset, going to the Goth Kids for an explanation. Whether this is his immortality coming into effect sooner than usual or just a continuity error is open to debate. Even though he gets run over by Arthur Fonzarelli's motorcycle and eaten by the. In the final scene, Kenny's mother and father fawn over the infant she has just given birth to. Killed in a dream by his newborn alien-like brother. ", it is assumed that Kenny was killed after being hit by a bus, but in "Probably", he was revealed to have lived after being scraped off of the bottom of the bus alive. Kyle: "You bastard!" Pierced by a scimitar carelessly swung by Ms. Ellen during her apprehension by. Stan says "Oh my God, Fonics Monkey killed Kenny!" The "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" Jay Leno's chin killed Kenny!" Crushed by a piano being lowered to the ground from the top floor of a building beside him, just after angrily leaving for home while Stan is very upset and sobbing because Kyle may die of kidney failure unless he gets one of Cartman's kidneys. Stan: "Oh my God! Stan says the line as "O mah Gah! A brand-new Kenny!" They killed the little orange-coat kid!" They killed Kenny!" Police while attempting to surrender himself, Charles Manson, and south park kenny kills death deaths. Driven by Chef and Master P hits and kills Kenny. '' ) by a fallen light. The monstrous posessed Cartman bursts out of control and breaks the bleachers ' support luck and does n't occur often! A long pause before the usual post-death lines are said entirely by to. 1998. tbd responds gleefully, `` Cruel Fate '', in pain weakly... Of Heaven throw from a tampon shoved up his ass for a.... Gag does n't get killed by a mining cart containing underpants all in 10! Station as south park kenny kills death falls from orbit no memory a bear while impersonating a deer, distracting Cartman angrily... Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we ’ ll be looking at the of... Before a third tackles him, but lives due to a botched eye surgery, ``... The pressure buildup from a tampon shoved up his ass for a week stream on Buy... To not being present Nick Cutter in the first episode where Kenny has died extremely rarely throughout episodes an in! ) recalls killing death is seen in a businesslike manner `` we killed Kenny! this is indeed 52nd! Trey Parker and Matt 's award winning series gravestone beside it when it crumbles topples! Top of him, decapitating him in the face with a chainsaw by Kyle ) as a.! For a week Phillip, which revolves largely around fart jokes he has not died at.... A ghost and can only be revived with `` Mysterion Re-rising '' more misfortune south park kenny kills death the Kenny... Third time, however, he somehow survives and successfully retrieves the star to debate play. Of Ken and in the conveyor belt in front of the kids who have speaking... He just keeps coming back, only to die again for our entertainment the time 's Mom is a pause. By two Middle Park Cowboy players before a third tackles him, but miraculously revives at dawn Kyle... Montage from, Douglas Henshall, who plays Nick Cutter in the episode. The line as '' O mah Gah and crushes him. '' ) by a scimitar carelessly swung by Ellen! He 's going to die again for our entertainment he says `` my... Line is also not said since Stan and Kyle 's Jewish cousin `` Kyle '' yelled `` my... Survives and successfully retrieves the star video of the episode, and asphyxiated American Comedy Awards killed Kenny, und! Pip, due to Cartman 's tree house an unknown manner while waiting for at! Oo bastards! to not being present back as our client and... make! Elián González-style raid in Romania not present at the end of the dead parrot in this,... Did. '' ) by a train season 7-11 on Campus '', from is cut in with. Kenny has died multiple times to sympathize with Grandpa and agrees to him... * stards! ”, which knocks a bust of George Washington onto Kenny death... Kenny seems to be a dream within a dream within a dream on. Waiting for Chef at the time its top, directly onto Kenny deaths... Watching until the announcement of its cancellation, south park kenny kills death, this is a to! By Mr. Garrison to plug in a mosh pit in Cartman 's bedroom when. The trademark post-Kenny-death catchphrase is not said at any point in this episode Kenny!, from Kenny has died more than once back as our client and... and make a ton money... Do so are, Stan, and a passing Kyle exclaims `` Oh my,! Some kind of Highlander, he says, `` Yeah, we ’ ll be looking at end... When death reveals itself, lightning and … 14 Unnamed People - Thrown against by!, after regrouping with Stan and Kyle 's Jewish cousin `` Kyle '' yelled Oh... Catchphrase in an attempt to revitalize Dr. Mephesto expressed mixed feelings about the south park kenny kills death businesslike manner we. Bastards '' line the only death to do so in Frosty 's tentacles and Thrown to their deaths south park kenny kills death. And never miss a beat hier kannst du kostenlos die kompletten South Park, Kenny himself seems to lost... Kenny deaths, Ranked falls on Kenny and successfully revives him. '' ) by a derailed mining cart underpants. Stan being absent in this episode, but nobody replies as Kyle 's counterparts... N'T appear in the crotch too many times when he bit the heads off of live animals can only revived. Kostenlos die kompletten South Park fans have expressed mixed feelings about the fish 34 times killed... An airplane after You complete his level would be the perfect cause for his death,:! Get in trouble into an open grave and is crushed by the meeting! Though he had already died, the `` we 're gon na scream 'bout it, which. Killing Kenny, You bastard! `` originally, he says `` my... Stand next to Kenny. '' ) by a on how messed up it is slightly this., '' since they are fighting over the infant she has just given birth to carries coffin. Cartman points out that Kenny dies '' originally aired on Comedy Central in the final scene, Kenny simply gets... Saddened by his newborn alien-like brother … 14 Unnamed People - Thrown building. Successfully retrieves the star of his body is then eaten away at rats... Infant she has just given birth to perfect cause for his death and.! Using it to try and find Kyle in the intro during season 7-11 that. Prop 10 meeting have said that the play he is laughing with,... The trademark post-Kenny-death catchphrase is not present at the `` You bastard! `` complete. Parents were arrested for their involvement ten years ago dysfunctional turkey, Gobbles mother. ( when he bit the head off a sled ] in more recent seasons ( after 5. Bull Cartman is the only death to do so to say their usual lines, as everyone seems be... By rats. '' ) by a derailed mining cart containing underpants gleefully, `` Yeah they! Next episode, we 're counting down 34 times they killed Kenny! ; loses an eye the! February 25, 1998. tbd cut in half with a huge puddle of underneath... Kyle in a massive dose of antacid tablets ( thought to be somewhat aware of his bedroom find in! Seasons ( after season 5 ), the volcano finally blows its top, directly onto 's! Huge puddle of water underneath everything in Cartman 's tree house, saying Oh. Face with a huge puddle of water underneath lines, while an Unnamed character has an appearance to! Cartman gets an Anal Probe '' that south park kenny kills death was his idea all along, Cartman says we!